Wednesday, 9 December 2015

There was a young man from Devizes...

The Canal and River Trust sign has been 'yarn bombed'

If anyone had mentioned Devizes to me in the past, the limerick about the young man with ears of different sizes is probably the only thing I would have associated with the place. Since becoming a boater however, it is now known to me as the place where the impressive Caen Hill flight of 29 locks raise the Kennet and Avon Canal over 230 feet in just two miles, with 16 of them in an almost straight line up the steepest part. A impressive sight it certainly is as we found out when we paid a visit to the area. It would be great to do it in the boat one day... It's well worth a visit and there's a cafe too.

We started at the top and walked down

Ducks and herons favoured this side pool to hang out

Heron poised

Although it doesn't seem that steep midway down ...

It certainly does from the bottom of the steep sixteen

Lovely 'des res', I'd be happy with just the garage!

Converted butty in the basin

Hire boats lined up near the pumping station

Lovely Dutch barge style boat near the lift bridge

Going up

With the help of my zoom I captured the locks from the angle of a boat going up

Beautiful close up of Mr Heron

Idyllic rural scene

Those horses must have had short legs!

Back where we started near the top and ready for a pot of tea in the cafe

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