Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Normally (due to work commitments) we move the boat on a Saturday but things changed at the last minute (as they are wont to do with Mr F's job) and so it would be Sunday instead. This did us a favour as the forecast was for rain on Saturday and fine on Sunday. Not that we are fair weather boaters mind, it's just a lot nicer when the only wet bit is beneath your feet.

Saying goodbye to Burscough behind us

Left turn Clyde, under the bridge to the top lock off the Rufford Branch

Sharing the lock meant extra help and we made short work of the seven locks (and two swing bridges)

The first three locks are close together so I could walk between them and take photos

Help was at hand as CRT staff cutting the grass stopped to help us through the lock

Always helpful and ready for a chat

Using one gate to exit the locks makes it quicker when there's only one crew on land

Mr F needed to pick me up at this lock so Dev squeezed round us (with a little guiding foot)

The first stove lighting of the season kept us warm and full of tea

The sun lost it's warmth behind the clouds in the late afternoon

With one lock and one swing bridge to go before the marina's (and cafe) we were looking forward to our late luncheon

Dev forged ahead to prepare the bottom lock

The hard work done for the day (although it wasn't really hard...or even work )

Just around the corner to the visitor moorings and the brasserie at St Mary's Marina

Such a beautiful tree lined spot as the canal runs alongside Rufford Old Hall

After victuals (and more tea) we were restored and carried on our way down the fairy glen

One more swing bridge and then....

Something we picked up along our way

Finally it slowed us down so much that Mr F volunteered to go down the weed hatch 

Leaving Dev at Sparks Bridge we carried on a little way through another swing bridge to turn the boat round so that the pump out would be on the right side

I waited at the bridge to save stopping the boat twice. The farmer was muck spreading. 
I wish I'd stayed on the boat!

Reappearing under the bridge to rescue me from the whiff

More noisy geese arriving every day

As we headed to our final mooring place the swans dunked themselves under foraging for food, toasting us to another great day on the water that would be celebrated with a beer..bottoms up!

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