Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Life Through a Lens

After a particularly wet Saturday, brightening up late afternoon affording us a short walk to the Ship Inn,  we were lucky to make our short journey to Burscough on Sunday mainly in the dry. It is a couple of hours from Parbold including a stop to top up with water and two electric swing bridges. Although I did take a few photos on our travels, I have decided to use this blog entry to showcase some of my photographs from the last week and in fact right up to this morning, when I watched the antics of foraging moorhens through the side hatch while trying not to burn my porridge. 
 So less words and more pictures this time.

Our acrobatic friend (see previous blog!) kept us company in Parbold all week

The colourful reflections of boats with Parbold church spire in the distance

Parbold Mill lit up at night creates an unusual effect of unreality when photographed that I quite like

Rows of seedlings framed by the hedgerows (we speculated on what they were but resolved to come back in a couple of weeks to see what shape they take). This was taken with my phone as I didn't want to take my camera on the walk to the pub in case the rain put in another appearance. Which it did, on the way back.

Strangely beautiful little feather caught on a grass stalk, both so delicate yet strong

I love these old way markers, especially this one proclaiming Leeds to be one hundred and a quarter miles.

There is just something about this house, Always deserted yet with signs of recent life, unwelcoming, holding a dark secret...or maybe I have an overactive imagination (probably).

Cloudy but thankfully dry as we set off on Sunday afternoon

This Liverpool short boat, recently for sale in foreign parts (down south), has found it's way back onto the canal where it started its working life. Originally called 'Mersey' it was renamed 'Arthur' and has lots of interesting history

The sun may not have been shining much this month but the trees are in full leaf and the lilies flowering, well it is summer after all...

The impressive Burscough Mill, currently under a sympathetic restoration

I always say that Parbold skies are the best but the last few days Burscough has been giving it a run for its money!

This was a particularly impressive sunset

I love the reflections on the side of the boat

These comical moorhens were entertaining me this morning

He was very sweet and shared his breakfast

The early bird catches the, er, fallen apple by the look of it

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