Monday, 8 June 2015

Holiday Diary 

Dear Diary,

Last night we stopped in an internet free zone, yes these places still really exist in the wilder parts of Cheshire... So two days of photos to catch up with. Our second day travelling was from Stockton Heath to a couple of miles before Middlewich, stopping near one of the lagoons that has been caused by subsidence. We went through three tunnels, Preston Brook 1239 yards, Saltersford 424 yards and Barnton 572 yards. We stopped at Dutton for lunch with its fabulous view down the valley. At Anderson we passed a friend on his boat who offered to come to Middlewich the following day to help us through the locks. It was a day of boats and birds including four herons that posed nicely for us along with lots of interesting craft. It was a beautiful evening and after a sunny day travelling we didn't have any trouble sleeping!

From leaving Stockton Heath the canal becomes increasingly picturesque

Just after Preston Brook tunnel this dry dock has some great boats

Wild orchids line the bank

Working boat Spey above and another fabulous example below

More good luck than good management saw us arrive at Duton for lunch and even more luck that there was a space at this popular mooring

The view down the valley is impressive

Chilling while the kettle boils

Mr & Mrs F above and below

Normally herons fly off as soon as the boat appears but the ones we saw today were all very brave affording me the chance to grab lots of great shots

The entrance to Anderson boat lift and Dev's boat below left, he promised to meet us the next day to help through Middlewich locks even though he was on nights!

I think hobbits live here

Prehistoric looking heron

Nice pair of boats, particularly the butty 'Thule'

Cheese and beer, a winning combination

Nice little tug and matching garage doors

The salt works at Northwich with the canal passing straight through the middle

Heron taking flight

Cygnets looking very cute

Great crested grebe

Our mooring for the night, perfectly rural and quiet 

Hungry Herman checking us out

Beautiful evening, living the dream

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