Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Short but Sweet

Not really much to report except a short distance travelled on our way back up to Sparks Bridge via Parbold to empty the waste tank again, We will have managed to eek it out for seven weeks this time - a record.
It was nice to have a couple of weeks back at home camp to say hello and have a pint or three in the local, Crooke Hall Inn. Being away for the last six weeks, we really noticed the changes from the bank busting into colour everywhere with spring flowers to the new arrivals of ducklings scooting across the top of the water with amazing speed. So I will just let the photos tell the story...

New arrivals above and below. 
I don't know much about 'Venus' but it is a really interesting addition to the waterways around us.

Mr Blue Sky. Though to be fair it was pretty cold.

Someone looks busy waiting for the lock to fill...

Love this shot of the boat, I don't usually take them from this angle head on but the effect and the shape of the boat is pleasing (even if I do say so myself)

What are you looking at?

From a certain angle this submerged tree root looks like a crocodile!

Pint o'clock methinks....


  1. Wow your boat is stunning! We are selling our house after xmas [as soon as we have finished all those little jobs that you never quite get around to when you are living there !] and I have already started the hunt for our boat but have been dismissing tugs because of having less inside space but I will be adding them to my search and just hope I find one as beautiful ! [must admit the extra outside space would be good with 2 staffys onboard !] Jan Evans

    1. Thankyou Jan, good luck with the sale and the boat search, I must admit it is so nice to have room on the boat to sit outside otherwise you end up on the towpath! Our blog has moved to Wordpress now if you want to see some more recent posts 😊