Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Spring in the Air

Our two week stay was up and it was time to head off again. As nice as it has been it is always good to be on the move, it's what the boat was intended for after all. We didn't have far to go so we had a lazy morning and didn't set off until after lunch. The weather had been a bit dreary with a few showers (not that a bit of drizzle would put us off!) but we made the right choice in setting off later as the weather improved almost as soon as we left. In fact it turned into a lovely afternoon, albeit a bit windy. There weren't many boats around although a lot of traffic seems to be early morning (we don't do early) and probably pass us by without us noticing from the depths of our subterranean bed.

The strange Parbold 'shrine' seems to have expanded somewhat since our last visit with the amusingly named 'Parbold New Town' development springing up.

Talking of springing up (see what I did there?) the bluebells were out in force 
all along the wooded banks of the canal

Appley deep lock is always an impressive sight from the bottom gates

Blossom on the trees heralding that spring is out in full force

Approaching Gathurst and the second and last lock of the day

Having the camera at hand paid off, these egrets are a bit quick

Rounding the corner to the familiar site of Crooke, we will just have a couple of weeks here this time

My feathered friends

Mr & Mrs greeting us, no sign of any babies though....

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