Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Go With the Flow

Well our plans were slightly scuppered last weekend by the fact that the Rufford Branch didn't reopen as scheduled so we weren't able to move to Sparks Bridge this weekend as planned. We intended to empty the waste tank at Sparks Bridge services and stay up there for a couple of weeks as it is a lovely peaceful place to moor. We had another week in the tank (just) but had an idea to go to Scarisbrick Marina and get the waste tank pumped out there, but they weren't accommodating (not the first time).

So, rather than stay put in Parbold for another week, we thought Burscough would be a good place to move to as there are CRT services including a toilet which would help eek the tank out. We said goodbye to the strange 'shrine' that has been steadily expanding on the towpath and cast off.

However, on arriving at Burscough, we were very disappointed to discover that the lock on the toilet door has been broken off and that the sink has been ripped off the wall! I have since reported this to the Wigan office by email and had a response that it has been logged for repair. in the meantime....sing while you're on the loo...

Anyway, it was a nice couple of hours we passed as we moved our home, stopping to fill up with water and have a spot of lunch warmed up in the back cabin stove. All's good.

Tea, tea and more tea and lunch warming in the stove en route

The closure at he top lock of the Rufford Branch has since opened

Looking back to the turn into the Rufford Branch, we moored here for water 

Mr F is never one to miss the opportunity to give the boat a quick clean

Next weekend and we can take Mervyn down the Rufford locks for the first time. The locks are a little short on this stretch so at 62' we will need to go in on our own diagonally - this will be the first time of trying this technique but it will stand us in good stead for venturing up the Wigan Flight as those locks are short too.

Approaching Burscough the impressive mill on the left is being renovated and is looking really good

Unfortunately the old canopy canalside has been removed and I doubt it will be replaced

Moving around means that we have a different commute to work, sometimes a nicer drive than others and I particularly enjoy driving through the lanes and little villages. Driving back to Burscough one evening, following the canal at times or crossing back and forth over different types of bridges in the dark, inspired a little poem that I managed to remember and wrote down as soon as I got back. 

Weak bridge, swing bridge,
Cobbles rumbling underneath,
As I cross the coal black canal,
Crisis crossing the water,
On my way home,
Plunged into darkness,
Full beam, rabbit in the headlights,
A cluster of cottages huddle together in the night,
Frog Lane, Carr Lane, Back Lane,
Creep, over the hump back

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