Saturday, 24 January 2015

Chores, Chores, Chores

Living on a narrowboat means that you can't take anything for granted. Plugging something in, flushing the loo, turning on the heating, lighting a fire....they all use resources that you constantly need to replenish, generate or fill up. So today our mission was to top up our water tank. As there is no water tap on our winter mooring, we take a short trip up the cut to the Canal and River Trust tap at Gathurst. This is an ideal opportunity to give the engine a run and the boat a wash. 

It really isn't a chore. I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon. It's amazing what you can get done and how quick the time goes when you're busy, so the day went something like this..........

Tea made, breakfast cooked, 
 grates emptied, pots washed
stove lit, oil checked, engine fired, 
the familiar thud, thud, thud of the Gardner, 
boat moored, water filled, 
coffee consumed, cabin washed, 
flue swept, floor mopped,
chimney polished, windows cleaned, 
brasses buffed, boat winded, 
thud, thud, thud, 
homeward bound

The wombat
(if you could hear it you'd understand)
You can't beat having a warm back cabin
on a winter's day

Just approaching the lock where the M6 and the railway cross over the canal.
I have in the past been lucky enough to get a shot with
the boat, a train and a wagon...all I was missing was a plane

A much needed wash

There is a disused second lock at Gathurst which makes a perfect spot to moor
while you fill up with water as the tap is at the bottom of the lock,
we have an extra long hose which reaches over the footbridge and
stopping here means we don't get in anyone's way

Deans Lock and keepers cottage at Gathurst

Good, old fashioned Brasso and elbow grease

Kettle's always on

Winding (turning) the boat, it's
pretty tight here but the wind was in our
 favour today

Such a lovely stretch of canal only a couple of miles or so out of Wigan town centre. Who'd a thowt it?!

Another beautiful day spent on board
'Er, where've you been? we're starving!'

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